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What can we do together in this community to devise a new model of care?

The current medical model is broken! Many of us avoid going to the doctor altogether and many others do the tests which are ordered ,take medication as prescribed and feel guilty that their original complaint is unchanged.

Another alternative is to consulted Dr Google where you will get explanations that may be helpful but that often confuse or scare you into buying something which may help . Much of the medical information on the internet is marketing in disguise. Chronic symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, pain, difficulty concentrating , constipation, diarrhea , severe menstrual problems, anxiety, rashes , thyroid disorders are very common and usually cause a chronic , worsening quality of life .
There are endless solutions to try … Why not try a supplement that promises positive effects such as “ boosts immunity : , “restores mental clarity”, “promotes sleep”, “absorbs heavy metals” “ detoxifies” etc? If r Google provides effective and long lasting solutions to your illnesses, excellent! Please know I am available with clear explanations and solutions for both illness and for maintaining wellness.

Did you know that the incidence of chronic illness ( symptoms that interfere with your daily life and persist for longer that 3 months ) is rising ?

Did you know that 1:2 children who were born after 2000 will have a significant chronic illness by age 18?!

Dr Hennie sees every symptom as a biological response to imbalances. Her practice is aimed at educating everyone about the root causes of illness, the ways in which each system work within the biologically whole system. She will give you a tool kit for understanding each symptom its relation to the whole and ways to maintain vibrant good health.

She is always willing to respect the approach you choose to manage illness and will help unravel medical issues that seem to defy your best management

She will help you discover, understand and eliminate symptoms as they arise

She will tackle serious complex diseases and will partner with you to define the problem and resolve it

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When you work with Dr Hennie you are choosing a brand new approach to medical care for yourself or your children because:

  1. Prescription medicines are not her first solution

  2. She can uncover and remove the root causes of any illness or symptom **allergy ,asthma ,rashes , gut disturbances, irritability -extreme mood swings, insomnia, and mood disturbances including excessive shyness, anxiety, sadness and worry as well as ADD, ADHD, ASD.

  3.  Dr Hennie Listens to parents. Have you ever gone to a well child check with  questions and concerns that you have and then hesitated to ask your questions or been dismissed when you did? Pediatricians are NOT trained to interpret small symptoms or concerns from parents. Parents always know their children best and are partners in preventive care.

  4. Dr. Hennie specializes in the care of teens and preteens and  She will establish a relationship with each child as soon as the child can talk!

  5. Dr Hennie knows you cannot have healthy children without healthy parents!

        She offers Functional Care for everyone

    • Infants tune into the emotional tone of the parents within 24 hours of birth and respond accordingly  effecting cognition and behavior

    • Prenatal physical and emotional health of both parents lays the ground work for a child’s immune, endocrine and neurological systems so Dr Hennie offers pre-natal and preconception evaluation and balancing.

  6. Group visits, workshops test interpretation and specialized testing is how this practice is different:



    Gut health         Deficiencies     Emotional health

    Toxic burden         Endocrine Health     Immune health

    Detoxification                   Resilience training Structure and Movement

    Healthy Diverse PLAY    

    1:2 children born since 2000 will be diagnosed with chronic illness by age 21

    1:4 kids will have significant mood disorders including severe anxiety, depression and addiction including alcohol or other substances