Frequently asked questions

Where is Dr Hennie’s office?

She does not have one office address . With a telemedicine visit , she will be avail to many more families for in depth consultations and Functional Medicine strategies for

Does Dr Hennie accept newborns?

She does not have a physical office to do routine well baby exams, so there are several options for newborn care: 1) she offers house calls for initial visits: the fee includes travel time 2) Parents can weigh and measure their baby and at the telemedicine Dr Hennie will partner with you to examine your baby! For ear exams and heart / lung exams she recommends a one time purchase of a otoscope and stethescope for virtual exams.

I can consult on the management of any issues or concern you have and protect your right  to choose to delay or defer vaccines , about issues in the first year of life including colic/reflux, sleep issues, rashes, supplements, starting solids etc

I am very open to collaborating with a Functional Medicine trained NP or PA interested in collaborating with me. I welcome ideas!

What happens if my child is sick?

If you are an established patient you can text me or send me an email with your questions about fevers, rashes other symptoms of illness. I will answer simple questions free of charge or set up an acute care telemedicine visit or phone call. I am available most days!

Purchase the otoscope and the stethescope and we can efficiently diagnose and treat an acute problem and offer treatment options including medications or natural treatments. As

What if I think my child has an ear infection or needs lungs listened to ?

If you decide your child needs to be seen ,go to Urgent care  and then schedule a brief phone consult for a second opinion about the treatment suggested at Urgent Care or see looking in ears below!

Can you look in an ear or listen to lungs by telemedicine?

Yes!! Purchase a telemedicine friendly otoscope and stethoscope on Amazon and attend one of my hands on workshops about how to look for illness in your children so that you feel comfortable about decision making

What about yearly exams or camp physicals?

I am happy to complete forms for camp and school. I am open to scheduling days in different locations to do well child checks ; in the spirit of a new collaboration between doctor and patient, consider hosting a “ Pop Up” office day for like minded families in your community. We can get a lot of well child exams done and I can offer an “ ask Dr Hennie” meeting at the end of the day for health building conversations.

If I take my kids to Urgent Care or to the Emergency Room what should I say when I am asked about my child’s shot record?

Remind whoever is asking that parents have many choices to make in deciding about medical care for their kids. Even better , be prepared respond with precise facts that inform your choice and invite the staff members to contact me for information on informed consent.