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  1. Kids who are very picky eaters are often zinc deficient and have inflammation in their guts which can easily be measured and repaired.

  2. Rhodiola is an inexpensive safe remedy for many 21st century illness

  3. All of our tissue repair occurs during deep night time sleep. Sleep deprivation prevents   brain repair and prevents neural development

  4. Absolutely avoid hand sanitizers and play outside on the earth,garden, walk barefoot wherever it safe and do not be afraid of germs!

  5. Robust thyroid function is required for detoxification! The goal is a TSH < 1.5 . Very rarely do we check children’s thyroid levels to screen for health.

  6. Artificial sweeteners are metabolized by the liver into formaldehyde which is a smelly chemical used to preserve dead animals. Humans should never use artificial sweeteners: splenda, nutrasweet,

  7. Over methylation is as harmful to our systems as is undermethylation and increases irritability in children and that knowing MTHFR status is not enough information to decide about B vitamin suppletation> Methylation tests are easy to do and will allow you to support your child’s methylation pathways.


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